4. The Map

The map shows details of the most recently downloaded tones at each marked location. Running the mouse over a pin will show the name of the tone and the time and date it was downloaded.

Ultimately the aim is for the website to play, in real time, each tone as it is played, and to flash up its location, thus enabling one to follow the composition as it unfolds around the world. At this point in time it is technically impossible due to restrictions in the iPhone’s operating system. While Android will allow one to write an app which sends the website details of where and when each Mobile Sinfonia tone is played iOS will not.

Mobile Sinfonia does not assume any users of the tones give permission to use location data. It will only be used if you agree, and then only for the purpose described above. Think of it in the sense of tagging birds and watching their migrations and movements around the world.

For now the score is recorded as a stream of tweets. Each time a tone is downloaded, or the website receives notification of one playing, @mobile_score will tweet its name, time and location.

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