7. The Tones

The tones are a mixture of musical material, sounds from the natural world and from machines.

They have all been chosen with an ear to creating a set of sounds that “harmonise” in any combination, and in the hope that they are sounds that one might want to hear. This is difficult territory, in that it will always end up being subjective, and if your subjectivity is at odds with this collection, there are may other sources of ringtones on the internet.

All the pitched sounds are related to a particular inversion of a C Major7 chord, played on a piano, in a recording of Morton Feldman’s Projection III.

Many of the sounds were recorded by Jem Finer, others played or created by him and recorded by Tim Barker and Brian O’Shaughnessy. Thanks to The British Library National Sound Archive for access to their collection of recordings, notably bird song and insects. Information in the meta tags of the sound files credits their sources.

The collection of tones is constantly being added to.

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