8. People

The Mobile Sinfonia is the subject of Jem Finer’s one-year residency at the I.C.I.A. Department of the University of Bath.

It involved collaboration with members of the department, notably Michael Bassett; with members of the University’s Computer Science Department, in particular John ffitch and Tristan Caufield; and with website designers Moneymouth (J. Maizlish Mole and Dorian McFarland).

Thanks to Tristan Caufield and John ffitch for their work in coding the Android app and auto dialler.

Thanks to J. Maizlish Mole and Dorian McFarland for their beautiful work creating the website and incorporating complex functionality within an elegant design and furthermore for their clear thought and conceptual contribution to the project.

Thanks to Michael Bassett for his great enthusiasm and skill producing the project.

The residency has allowed the first phase of Mobile Sinfonia to be completed.

Jem Finer works in experimental and popular music, film, photography and installation. He was given the PRS New Music Award in 2005 to build Score for a Hole in the Ground (in Kingswood, Kent), and is the creator of the 1000-year-long composition Longplayer.

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