More New Tones

VLF radio recordings, typewriters, bubbles, popcorn, the speed of sound, glasses, gas, ping pong and tuning forks.

All on the main site.

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New Tones

52 piano and several mechanical, snooker and tennis sounds have been added to the library.

Check tags – piano, bubbles, clockwork, snooker, tennis.

If they don’t show, refresh your browser.

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Android app

Two Android apps are now available at the Android Marketplace.

They allow you to browse, choose and download ringtones, and set them as your default.

The Mobile Sinfonia app will send location and ringtone data to the website each time your phone rings, the reason for this being that Mobile Sinfonia would like to display (and ultimately play) each instance of one of its notes being played on the map. Data will not be used in another way. The Mobile Sinfonia Basic app has the same functionality but does not send any location data.

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Downloading from Mobile Phones

At this moment tones cannot be downloaded directly into a mobile phone. All downloads have to be made onto a laptop (or desktop) computer.

This will be remedied soon for Android phones, with the launch of an app. For the iPhone though, we will have to wait until Apple change the restrictions on ringtone access in the operating system.

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Follow the Score on Twitter

Each time a tone is downloaded or played a tweet is sent out on @mobile_score which will ultimately detail its name, the time and location.

In this way a permanent textual record of the score is being archived as it is created.

Follow it here.

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The beta version of the Mobile Sinfonia website is now online.

Various features, notably the location tracking, are still being tweaked, but the heart of the website, the library of tones, is working as it should.

Over the next few weeks there will be a number of modifications. The launch of the website is the 15th March.

There will also soon be an Android app available, while for iPhone users there is an optimised version of the website, though this will not offer downloads.
Read the iPhone information page for more details.

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